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what is Bluetooth Marketing

proximity marketing software that allows you to send your data to all Bluetooth® equipped mobile phones within a Your Bluetooth Dongles range, all you need is BlueRadar and Bluetooth dongle and a PC,BlueRadar will help you to Attract new clients - Grab the attention of consumers who pass your premises.

how proximity marketing work

As soon as a visitor enters the Hotspot's proximity, he/she can connect to any of the availbale services offered on location and download multimedia content to mobile device,BlueRadar can be deployed in a variety of places in order to cover the increasing information and marketing needs

Who Can Use Our proximity software

Perfect for: Retail outlets , Restaurants , Hypermarkets ,Trade Shows Vehicle Showrooms ,Train Stations , Airport Lounges Poster Sites ,Digital Billboards ,Hotels ,Tourist Zones Museums ,In traffic (Mobile units) , Field Marketing And many more places

Main BlueRadar Features:

Send any multimedia file - Send any type of content you wish, still or animated adverts, music, narrative or music files, including movies or TV ads, Java or WAP push interactive content. 

Can send different types of advertisements including: Text, Still Images, and animated images, Audio Files, Video Clips, Business Cards, Calendar Events, Java Applications and Games, html files.

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